Seafair Hydroplane and Blue Angels days Thurs-Sunday, 4th of July, Opening day of boating season and Labor Day weekend Friday-Sunday are priced differently than the rates listed below. Prices do not include applicable taxes and fees. Prices are subject to changes in January.

  • Base Package

    $3,300 (plus tax)
  • 4 hours underway
  • Use of the entire vessel on deck
  • Two passenger rooms to be used at your discretion
  • Two portable restrooms and one hand washing station
  • Up to 100 guests
  • Passenger 8 hr parking and loading at Fisherman’s Terminal
  • One dumpster for your cleanup of vessel (extra dumpsters at $75)
  • Sign up
  • Add On's

  • Additional charter time is available by the hour at $550 per hour; multiple 'add-on' hours can be negotiated per event
  • Additional dumpsters for clean up
  • Recommendations for music, food, and beverage vendors upon request
  • Alcohol may be served for free onboard but we may request a security person or extra designated persons to oversee the guests and a Banquet permit needs to be obtained by the Charterer. Trek Charters does not sell or serve alcohol. We can offer some names of Companies that have permits that can purchase and sell alcohol onboard.

Trek Charters   (206) 465-2584


A maximum capacity of 100 people includes event staff and guests. The Trek Charters crew consists of the Captain and two crew members which do not need to be included in your capacity list.

Boarding the vessel sixty minutes (60) in advance of your charter is allowed for 'set-up' and passenger loading at Fishermen’s' Terminal. Charter clients are also provided with sixty (60) minutes for unloading and vessel clean-up.  A completely refundable cleaning deposit will be added to your invoice provided the vessel condition is approved by the captain.  Event insurance is recommended for your charter with Sound San Juan services as named insured.  This is an inexpensive way to protect yourself or your company.

There are two indoor/passenger rooms, the 'lower passenger room' 33' x 16' and is located on the main deck floor.  The V.I.P. suite located on the second level and measures 12' x 16'. This is a great place for your DJ or V.I.P. guests.

Once booking availability has been verified the charter is not secured until a  booking deposit has been received.  Upon receipt of your deposit you will receive a reservation confirmation form and invoice with balance details included.

Large events and weddings may eligible for special "set-up rate" if the charter schedule allows.

Logistical details and special event requests eg. off deck swimming, for your charter will be dependent upon time and date of the charter.  Please note our charter times are subject to time constraints due to drawbridge times and schedules as well as other factors.  Please contact the captain for details.

Trek Charters has a 25% non-refundable booking policy should cancellation occur once deposit has been received and a booking has been confirmed. The balance of the booking invoice is required to be received 20 days in advance of the charter.

If a cancellation occurs due to inability by us to honor the service all funds will be reimbursed to the customer within 10 days of the scheduled event without penalty.

Please note that Trek liability insurance does not cover your event.  You must secure event insurance and provide a certificate of insurance and show additional insured issued to Sound San Juan Services LLC. The captain must receive all documents 5 days prior to your charter. Additional permits may be required should your event include the service of food or alcoholic beverages.

Trek charters can recommend competitively priced caterers, DJ's and live entertainment that are familiar with working aboard Trek.

Try Devin for event insurance (206) 783-4024.

The TREK Ferry is a party barge or party boat available for corporate events, water events, waterfront viewing, Lake Union tour, Lake Washington sightseeing, lake swimming, wedding party, bachelor/bachelorette party. Our guests have held bar mitzvah / bat mitzvah parties, wedding parties, birthday parties, last rites/spreading ashes, business retreats, team building venue, corporate events and dinner party venue on the lake. Friday night music in the MOHI park, Seafair, Seattle waterfront, fourth of July fireworks viewing, Opening Day of the boating season, Husky football game transportation and sail-gate parties. Corporate meeting space, business event venue and all sorts of gatherings are a success on the TREK!